The B360 Vision

B360’s pursuit of urban development was inspired by the founder & CEO, Airaj Hasan, and his time as a general contractor. After opening his own construction firm in 1996 to serve the public sector in the redevelopment of the NYC-metro area, Airaj decided to invest in small-scale real estate in surrounding secondary markets, where he saw a clear, whitespace opportunity in the lack of quality housing offered. In 2009, upon winning an auction for an abandoned, 10-story building in East Orange, NJ, Airaj’s vision was realized and Blackstone 360 was formed.

Truthfully I never meant to become a developer- it was completely happenstance. I was presented with an opportunity to buy (Indigo) 141 at an auction, and couldn’t deny the potential with its location - there wasn’t anything else like it. I knew what kind of value my team could add, so I took a leap of faith. We opened in October 2009 at the height of the recession. In January of 2010, we were 96 percent occupied.

In that moment, I knew we had tapped into something.
— S. Airaj Hasan, CEO

We are looking for strategic partners to help grow with our business:

Commercial retail partners: with just over 32,000 square feet of prime retail space at our newest mixed-use luxury property, Lotus 315, B360 is looking for on-trend local and national retail chains to answer our community’s growing lifestyle needs.

Joint venture partnerships: we are looking for opportunities to collaborate with building owners interested in partnering with us to finance, design, and build residential and commercial developments in prime opportunity zones.